wedding websites in Uganda

If you are here, you are probably wondering why you need a wedding website considering you’ve seen everyone else sending out invitation cards. And chances are slim you have seen any of your friends get one.

But that’s the exact reason you should get one- This is the biggest day of your life! And you definitely don’t want your special day to be like John’s or Cathy’s.

You, therefore, want your wedding to be unique, special and cool. You want it to stick to people’s minds even after a decade- and a wedding website will make all the difference.

Sure, tossing 600 photos of yourself on your wedding website with an accompanying story about how you met is cool but it’s not the only reason you need a wedding website. Sharing important event details and anecdotes from your relationship is another reason but there’s even more;

Here we shall share with you a few important reasons why you need a wedding website and help you to create one.

  • It’s your wedding information Hub

Most guests get busy with life and will misplace their invitations. This is where your cute wedding website comes into play. They’ll be able to find everything from your wedding date to your dress code, so they don’t have to call you a hundred times on your special day.

  • People are excited to know your story

If you are on Facebook, you must have realized that most trending wedding videos are ones with a beautiful storyline. An example is one for Twaha and Rukia. This beautiful story even made to the cover of Uganda’s leading wedding magazine, Bride and Groom.  If you’re having a large wedding, there’s a good chance that not all of your guests will know your love story. Your mom a few siblings probably know your love story, but your second cousins and college friends may have missed a few milestones. Give them a short little relationship bio so they’ll know all of the references you make in your vows and speeches. How cool is that!?

  • If anything changes, your guests are always up-to-date

In 2 weeks to my wedding day, the owners of my wedding reception suddenly called and said the venue would not be available on the date we had booked. Unfortunately, we had already printed the invitation cards but luckily, we had distributed them to a few guests. I won’t narrate the entire story but you can imagine how messed up things got thereafter. Sometimes, even the most perfectly planned affair can hit a bump in the road. If your venue suddenly has to change or your ceremony time gets moved up an hour, you’ll need to update your guests instantly. Instead of sending out another round of those expensive invitation cards. Update them on your website and use email to ensure they get the message. Through the emails, you can send them links but to your website. You can take it up a notch by sending notifications to their phones and browsers through your website.

  • Save yourself from being bombarded with questions by your guests

If you think you have provided your guests with all the information they could possibly need, you are wrong. They may still bombard you with questions. Besides, you are probably busy getting your suit in shape and finishing up a few details and the last thing you want is a call every other minute. While one or two calls are fine, you definitely don’t want your entire guest list hitting you up. If you make a website all you’ll need to do is send them a link to your FAQ page and they should find all the answers they need.

  • Save on the costs of invitation cards.

This is the 21st century. We no longer write and post letters through the post office mostly. Heck! we no longer even apply for jobs like that. These days we do everything online. If you’re having invites printed, you know how quickly the price will rise by just adding another piece of paper to the mix. By directing everyone to your site in any engagement party, shower, or wedding correspondence, you’ll save time, money, and effort on printing costs.

Assuming you know understand that you need a wedding website, what next??

Well, if you are not techy enough to design your self one, we are here to help. We have a team of website designers that will show you 100+ website ideas and designs to choose from. Once you have chosen the design of your choice we go ahead and create you a website that will wow your guests.

Plus, the fee is really minimal – starting at Ush.800,000

To get started, call +256 779 118148 or email us at