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makinno488 2 Reviews
You can tell their juice is from real fruits and natural

Dalausi juice is real, you just can't stop on only one glass. Even 2 are not enough co it's very addictive I had a taste of their fresh fruit juice at a kwanjula and I could feel the real taste of the fruits from which they make the juice. I also loved their ushers. They are smart, professional, clean and everything nice. I can't say enough nice things about Dalausi juice.

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makinno488 2 Reviews
I can't describe how helpful this guy was

Right from the start, we knew we wanted wedding planner so that we could really relax and enjoy this process. We had heard alot about the struggle of organizing a wedding and we were already anxious. I'd heard that ome couples even get depressed through the wedding planning process. And we didnt want that. We also wanted our families and close friends to also enjoy our wedding and worry about anything. I've been in wedding committees of some of my friends and families, and although i don't mind helping, I always feel like I'm always in the background busy instead of sitting and enjoying the moment calmly. Not that it's bad to help out but I'd really like to sit at the reception with a long-time friend or with my beautiful wife and enjoy as guests instead of it being another busy work day for me. We found Parties and events as we were searching for wedding service providers through Google. What we didn’t realize we would get as part of our package was the invaluable information and insight that Ambroze shared with us in all of our planning meetings months before our wedding. He was such a great resource and was always communicating with us. We could tell that he wanted to help us to make our vision of our day a reality. We walked into our reception and ceremony spaces and felt that Parties & Events had completely nailed it! The best thing about having a coordinator was having the organization and structure on the day-of so we didn’t have to worry about anything and we didn’t have to put our friends or family in the position of being responsible for the flow of the day. Their team executed our wedding day perfectly and so flawlessly. With all the emotions you feel during that day, the last thing you need to worry about is when to get everyone seated for dinner (or some other major thing that only a coordinator would know to handle). They were extremely attentive to our needs and they made sure we each had a drink prior to the photos!(we needed that). The team was inconspicuous throughout the reception, and we both felt we could completely focus on enjoying our wedding. Although we paid, Ambroze helped us save money in the long run. He negotiated with vendors on our behalf for prices they wouldn't have accepted from us. He tells us it's because they want more business from him. He also got us some of the top vendors and they really delvered.

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