Turn your house into a revenue generating asset

Hundreds of weddings occur every single month in Uganda. We get many requests from people in search of unique wedding venues including residences.

Add your house to Parties en Events and your terrace, compound, lawn, garden to start earning from this opportunity.

Why list your house of Parties en events?

No matter what kind of home you have to share, Parties en events makes it simple and secure to host weddings and events. You’re in full control of your availability, prices, house rules, and how you interact with guests.

Is it worth it?

You could earn over 1 million Ugandan Shillings every week by renting your property for weddings. Trends have now changed and couples prefer having their weddings on nice estates.

home wedding venues in Kampala, Uganda

Earn extra money

You could earn 1 million UGX weekly by renting out your house for weddings, introductions and cooperate events.

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Host weddings and Introductions in 3 easy steps

List your house

Rent any space of your property whether it is just your garden or the entire estate. It is all up to you.

Decide how you want to host

Choose your own schedule, prices, and requirements for guests. We’re there to help along the way.

Welcome your first guest

Once your listing is live, qualified guests can reach out. You reserve the right to accept or deny them from using your property.

home wedding venues for introduction and weddings in Kampala Uganda

Entire process simplified

Your property, your terms

We know it’s a priority to trust the people that will spend the day on your property. This is why Parties en events allows you to set strict requirements for who can book and to get to know the guests before their stay.

Since it’s your property, you reserve the right to admission and you should set the rules guests should adhere to.


  • Adding your property is FREE
  • You can earn over 1 million Uganda Shillings every week.
  • You get to furnish your property with the profits
  • Set your rules
  • Ask for whatever amount you want
home wedding venues for introduction and weddings in Kampala Uganda

About Parties en Events


Parties en Events connects people with the best local credible experts in the weddings and ceremony industry in Uganda. Our goal is to make planning your wedding flawless and enjoyable. We list real authentic businesses for Free, from which people can choose whom to work with.

We currently have over 600 businesses listed on our website and we add more everyday.

Ready to Earn?

Start earning extra cash from your house! 

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